Welcome to On Reflection Kaleidoscopes. My name is Marc Tickle. I have been designing kaleidoscopes since the late 1900s. I
have developed an aesthetic value in my work that conveys a sense of continuity
shared between the kaleidoscopes, teleidoscopes, optical illusions and sculptures.
I have received many awards for my work, and am honoured to be represented in museums and collections around the world.
Since moving from my native England in August 2000, I have been living in beautiful Asheville North Carolina.
I spend my woking hours designing and making kaleidoscopes in my
home studio.


Current work and new releases

Interiior of new design ‘Illuminati’
Limited to 10 pieces.$2350
This is a 2-mirror 3-mirror system and features UV-reactive liquid filled glass ampules. The kaleidoscope comes with a black light to illuminate the reactive glass ampules.


Red Lion. 1 of 1 signed and dated.
Paper, watercolor pigment, pencil, pen and ink, gilding.
I designed Red Lion as a commemorative piece to celebrate 200 years of the kaleidoscope and
is part of a temporary exhibition in Washington DC.This piece is available for purchase.

Limited to 2 pieces. $4500
Hand painted paper, glass, slumped glass.

Award winning ‘Paris’ Edition of 5 pieces, 1 remaining.